Serving an Angular CLI App over HTTPS Made Easy

I’ve discovered a simpler method than those discussed in this Stack Overflow post for serving an Angular CLI app over HTTPS using office-addin-dev-certs:

  1. Generate the certificates by running the following command and click “Yes” to trust them when prompted:
    • npx office-addin-dev-certs install --days 365
  2. You’ll find the generated certificates (localhost.crt and localhost.key) in your home folder ~\.office-addin-dev-certs
    • Copy them to your angular project: cp ~\.office-addin-dev-certs\localhost.* .
    • Don’t forget to add them to your .gitignore
  3. Use these certificates with Angular by running:
    • Run ng serve --ssl --ssl-key localhost.key --ssl-cert localhost.crt

Alternatively, add them to your angular.json so you can run ng serve as usual:

"serve": {
    "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:dev-server",
    "configurations": {
        "development": {
            "browserTarget": "blank16:build:development",
            "ssl": true,
            "sslKey": "localhost.key",
            "sslCert": "localhost.crt"
    "defaultConfiguration": "development"

Automate it

I’ve even created a PowerShell script that will install the certificates and copy them to your project. Adding this to my repo enabled team members to just clone it and run .\tools\install-certs.ps1 to get https immediately working:

if (-Not (Get-Command npx -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {
  Write-Error "node/npm is not installed, please install node and try again..."
  exit 1

$certExpirationDays = 365
$certPath = "$HOME\.office-addin-dev-certs\localhost.crt"
$keyPath = "$HOME\.office-addin-dev-certs\localhost.key"

Write-Host "Installing cert for current user..."
npx office-addin-dev-certs install --days $certExpirationDays
Copy-Item $certPath,$keyPath $PSScriptRoot -Force -Verbose
npx office-addin-dev-certs verify
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