About Brad


My name is Brad and I love learning new things.

I am an engineer, hacker, and traveler currently working out of the OH-WV-KY metro area.

What I Do

I am a Full Stack Developer who has both contributed to and led development on a diverse set of software projects in domains such as:

  • Insurance (Health, Auto, Homeowners, and many more)
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Public Utilities
  • Commerce
  • Education

Favorite Technologies

I love C# and TS

  • Back-end / Desktop / Mobile – C# (.NET core, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin)
  • Front-end – JavaScript / TypeScript, Angular/AngularJS, React, Vue
  • Databases – SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Cloud Computing – AWS, Azure
  • Others – Python, Powershell, Git

Being a Full Stack Developer I have often had to step outside of my typical comfort zone and completed or contributed to projects in many other languages and frameworks. Quickly learning and applying new things is my specialty.

I’ve also performed DevOps tasks such as setting up automated build servers, continuous integration / deployment pipelines, and the automation of basically any automatable task to save thousands of man-hours of work.


Marshall University I graduated from Marshall University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics as well as a 4.0 in-major GPA.

While at college, I was accepted into the WV Governor’s Internship Program to work with the developers at the WV State Tax Department.

Upon the conclusion of my internship, I was contracted to single-handedly develop an online filing web application that tobacco wholesalers have used to collect $107 million in tax dollars in the year 2013 alone.

Once my contract was done, I jumped on board a C2C contracting company and built web, mobile, and desktop apps using all sorts of languages and frameworks.

I am currently working 100% remotely full time with a geographically-sparse team on a SaaS web app that is widely adopted within the insurance industry.


Since I work as a 100% remote developer I use my location independence to my advantage and have been exercising my freedom to travel.

I built a home gym and eat healthy to counteract the hours spent staring at screens.

I play and teach guitar. I definitely need to record more of it so I can share it online!

I hang out on Stack Overflow and /r/learnprogramming to share my knowledge and learn more.

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