Customizing my PowerShell CLI using Oh My Posh

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For years, I relied on Cmder as my terminal emulator of choise. With the release of Microsoft’s modern terminal, it’s time to transition away from Cmder. In this article, I’ll outline my approach to customizing my CLI for improved productivity:


I recommend installing as much as you can using Microsoft Store so that auto updates are enabled. You can also use package managers such as winget or choclatey.


  1. Download and install the Caskaydia Code Nerd Font. Set the font as your default in your terminal:

    In VS Code go to settings and set your terminal font family "terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "CaskaydiaCove NF"

    In Windows Terminal go to Settings > Profiles > Defaults > Additional settings > Appearance > Font face

  2. Type Get-PoshThemes in the terminal or go to to see a preview of all the available themes. Pick your favorite.

  3. Update your PowerShell Profile so it launches oh-my-posh with your selected theme. Open your profile using the command code $PROFILE. My profile looks like this: oh-my-posh init pwsh --config "$env:POSH_THEMES_PATH\avian.omp.json" | Invoke-Expression

You may need to restart VS Code/Windows Terminal/Powershell after installing the fonts and updating your profiles.

Here is the theme I use, avian.omp.json, which is a customized version of the default powerline + paradox themes:


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