Safely migrate from hash-based routing to modern routing in Angular

If you have an old angular app that is still using hash-based routing via the HashLocationStrategy, you can safely migrate to modern PathLocationStrategy routing without breaking existing bookmarks or SEO.

  1. Add this snippet to your AppComponent > ngOnInit:
  .pipe(filter((event) => event instanceof NavigationStart && /^\/#/.test(event.url)))
  .subscribe((event: NavigationStart) => this.router.navigateByUrl(event.url.replace('/#', '')));

Note that router.navigate will strip any query params. I used router.navigateByUrl instead.

  1. You can now safely turn off useHash:
RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { useHash: false })

Now, if you hit a URL like, the router will automatically redirect to This will allow you to incrementally migrate your app to modern routing without breaking existing links.

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