Podcasts you should listen to right now

  • This Developer’s Life – Podcast in the style of This American Life dealing with programming related topics. An all time favorite of mine.
  • Hanselminutes – Scott Hanselman talks about web development, usually dealing with C#, javascript, ASP.NET, and other MS technologies.
  • Herding Code – K Scott Allen, John Galloway, and others talk about programming topics.
  • Programming Throwdown – The hosts pick a random technology and give you a broad overview of it followed by its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Javascript Jabber – The JavaScript frameworks that are released approximately 20 minutes are discussed here.
  • Developer Tea – Podcast covering a diverse amount of topics relating to being a developer.
  • Iterate – UX, design, and related ideas are discussed in this podcast.
  • Debug – Mobile development is discussed in depth, mostly on iPlatforms.
  • /dev/hell – Uncensored ramblings of two insane developers.

Hall of Fame – My favorite non-programming podcasts

  • 99% Invisible – The best podcast ever? Short, well produced episodes dealing with design.
  • TED Radio Hour – TED Talks are a must.
  • Radiolab – The best production of any podcast ever made. Interesting and seemingly random discussions.
  • This American Life – I think this has been cited as the most popular podcast ever until Serial came along… which was also created by them.
  • Reply All – Random things relating to the internet are discussed. Gimlet Media is worth paying attention to as every podcast they release is solid gold.
  • Startup – A podcast documenting company creation from brainstorming, soliciting investors, creating a startup, running it, and more. Interesting look at something not normally public.
  • Freakonomics – Economists can be interesting too.
  • You Are Not So Smart – Self delusion… and cookies?
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