Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension 500CJ String Review

I recently bought a brand new Cordoba classical guitar. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this guitar a thousand times over. My only problem with it is the Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension 500CJ strings that came stock on the guitar.

The good On the plus side, these strings seem to settle in and stay in tune much faster than other ones I have tried. Perhaps this was done on purpose by Cordoba to ensure that floor models of their guitar would always sound great when picked up and played by a shopper.

The bad These strings seem to wear down very quickly. They can be hard to press down since they are so stiff. The trebles are very dull and it only becomes more noticeable the more you play on them. Also, the price for these things can be steep compared to popular D’Addario ones.

The ugly After owning the guitar for a month or so and playing for a few hours each night, the strings seemed to rapidly degrade. They barely respond when I am playing now, especially hammer-ons and pull-offs which are now much harder to get proper timbre from. All in all, I would not recommend these strings.

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