SQL Server (T-SQL) Data Types to system_type_id list (2022 update)

I received metadata for a SQL Server database which contained the system_type_id but not what I needed: the data types of each column. Google did not seem to have a list of these so I ran the queries and posted them here as reference. I hope you find it useful.

system_type_id datatype
34 image
35 text
36 uniqueidentifier
40 date
41 time
42 datetime2
43 datetimeoffset
48 tinyint
52 smallint
56 int
58 smalldatetime
59 real
60 money
61 datetime
62 float
98 sql_variant
99 ntext
104 bit
106 decimal
108 numeric
122 smallmoney
127 bigint
165 varbinary
167 varchar
173 binary
175 char
189 timestamp
231 nvarchar
239 nchar
241 xml

Here is the SQL query I used to get the above data:

SELECT system_type_id, name as datatype
FROM sys.types
WHERE system_type_id = user_type_id

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been updated to include new datatypes that have been added since.

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