Galaguh Lua / LOVE2d Space Shooter


This game was actually my final project for my Programming Languages class at Marshall University. It is a space-style shooter in the spirit of the classic Galaga. The game was built on top of the LOVE2D game engine and is mostly coded in Lua.

Above, you will find links to download it. The *.exe file has LOVE2d packaged with it so you should be able to run it without installing the LOVE2d back-end. The *.love file is a compressed archive of the complete source code for the program.

If you are interested in how it works, use 7-zip or a similar program to extract and view the lua files from the *.love file or check out the in depth powerpoint presentation above.

This program currently only works in LOVE2D 0.7.0. The recent release of LOVE2D 0.8.0 broke the collision detection! I will update it eventually to work with the new version.


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